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Wing Commanders Address to NJWG

Wing Commander's Address


Dear Airmen,

     As I begin my three-year term as your new Wing Commander I do so with a strong commitment to excellence, compassion, professionalism, and transparency.  My command team consisting of Lt Col Nick Taylor, Vice Wing Commander, Lt Col Tony Farina, Chief of Staff, Lt Col Amy Myzie, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Lt Col Stan Rogacki, Deputy Chief of Staff for Group and Unit Administration, and Chief Allan Lu, Command NCO will be establishing an overall vision, supported by plans, programs, directives and measurements of progress and success to ensure that all you also serve with the same commitment.

     As Summer progresses we will soon see the commencement of Basic Encampment 2021.  We expect more than 120 cadets to attend and experience a well-designed and well-executed program that will enhance their CAP careers and hopefully positively change their lives.

     A few observations that require your attention.  As we emerge from strict COVID restrictions life is getting back to normal, however, I urge you to continue to take those precautions you feel are necessary to address your particular health and safety concerns.

     Summer brings extreme heat and hydration concerns.  Please be sure that with all outdoor activity you are keeping properly hydrated and that you are dressed appropriately for the weather.  This is particularly important during CAP activities of any nature.

     A quick review of member statistics shows many cadets and seniors with very slow progress in advancement in grade and qualifications.  COVID has made advancement in the CAP program difficult but now those restrictions are loosened and many courses and training programs are available through virtual instruction I encourage everyone to take this time to continue to move forward in our program.  Doing so will improve your ability to take advantage of the many program offerings and mission opportunities that make participation in CAP a valuable and enjoyable experience.

     Summer break is also a great time for cadets to invite their friends and neighbors to attend a CAP meeting and learn about our program. You may also want to reach out to people you may know who stopped attending CAP meetings and events during COVID and may be interested in rejoining now that we are enjoying regular programming.

     I had the pleasure of attending my first squadron meeting last evening at Curtiss-Wright in Livingston where I was invited to present several senior and cadet awards.  Lt Col Rogacki and I will be engaging in a "road trip" beginning in September to drop in on units across the state to introduce ourselves and meet you. 

     In closing, I want to again extend my appreciation for the confidence shown in me to be selected to lead this great Wing.  I am truly humbled and am looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can over the weeks and months ahead.

Stay safe, stay positive, and stay committed to CAP!  I appreciate you and your service to NJWG!


Andrew Liput, Col, CAP

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