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Aerospace Education

Aerospace Education

Helping Develop Tomorrow's Aerospace Education Workforce

Welcome to Civil Air Patrol's (CAP) Aerospace Education (AE).  

Aerospace Education is one of the three mission elements of CAP, the other two being Cadet Programs and Emergency Services.  The mission of AE is to educate, inspire, and instill an appreciation for and an understanding of aerospace in today's and tomorrow's world.  We promote aerospace to our members and the general public.

CAP accomplishes its aerospace education mission in a variety of ways, including both internal and external programs, as well as the Aerospace Education Member (AEM) Program. Our goal for AEMs is to provide educators with the latest hands-on techniques and tools to help them capture the imaginations of their students. CAP promotes the use of aerospace themes to help educators excite and motivate their students to excel in science, math, technology, language arts, social studies, plus other traditional subjects by offering over 40 free curricular materials along with 23 exciting STEM Kits

Civil Air Patrol promotes and supports aerospace education, both for its members and the general public. CAP educational programs help prepare American citizens to meet the challenges of a sophisticated aerospace society and understand its related issues.

CAP offers national standards-based educational products, including a secondary textbook, Aerospace: The Journey of Flight, and the middle-school-level Aerospace Dimensions. Teachers can get free classroom materials and lesson plans from CAP by joining CAP’s Aerospace Education Membership program for a single, one-time, $35 fee.



Teaching Ordinary Subjects in Extraordinary Ways

Civil Air Patrol's Aerospace Education Program for Educators

Through our Aerospace Education Member programs, we offer teachers lesson plans, activities, textbooks, and AE-related program information

Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) for grades K-6
Cross-curricular, grade-specific program

ACE Printable Pdfs

Aerospace Education Excellence for Teachers (AEX) K-12
Hands-on aerospace program with completion plaque and student certificates


Civil Air Patrol delivers STEM Kits to our educator members for use in their classrooms, libraries or youth group meetings. Choose from 15 different subject area kits ranging from rocketry to computer programming and so much more.


CAP AE offers more than 40, K-12, educational products that deliver hundreds of lesson plans to its senior members, cadets and educator members. 

Curriculum Materials Flyer

Teacher Orientation Program (TOP Flights)
This program allows our valued educators to get "out of the classroom and into the skies" to learn about aviation principles and how to integrate these in the learning environment for youth.

Grant Program

Grants are no longer available to AEMs from the Air Force Association to incorporate aerospace into the classroom. Submit a competitive application for a $250 Air Force Association (AFA) grant to promote Aerospace/STEM education in your formal or informal learning environment!

Educational Products

Awards for Teachers



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