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NJWG Falcon Flight Academy

The NJWG Falcon Flight Academy

New Jersey Falcon Flight is the Cadet Flight Academy first held in the early 70's with the intent to train Cadets to fly and, if possible, solo in CAP aircraft.  Edward Myzie was a participant in the very first Falcon Flight and was the Distinguished Graduate in 1971.

Since its inception, Falcon Flight has been held annually as time, talents, and funds have been available.  In 2018, application was made to CAP National HQ to have NJ Falcon Flight be recognized as a National Flight Academy (NFA). The request was approved, and the first National Cadet Special Activity designated NJ National Flight Academy, was held in July 2019.  

The Cadet Powered Flight Academy in NJ is a ground school and flight training experience for up to 14 CAP cadets. It features one week of ground school, designed to teach the Principles of Flight, FAA regulations, and safe flight operation. The flight training covers all subjects required for the solo operation per FAA and CAP regulations, and safe flight operations.

Cadet applicants must be current and active members, age 16 by start date of activity, and have attended at least one cadet encampment and have their unit commander’s recommendation. Tuition scholarships have been available in the past to help cadets cover tuition costs

This year [2021] several scholarship funds are available for cadets and to-date, we have 6 Cadets attending NJ Falcon Flight on scholarship; including one who is the Inaugural recipient of the Edward J Myzie Flight Scholarship which is a National Scholarship. 

For more information on Falcon Flight, contact: Lt Col Amy Myzie

2021 NJWG Falcon Flight Academy

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