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Emergency Services

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Emergency Services



Emergency Services Vision

  New Jersey Wing and Northeast Region CAP - ready and qualified to serve in America’s emergencies.

  Emergency Services Mission

To provide skilled and equipped volunteers to meet the aviation and other needs in emergencies.


The New Jersey Wing provides Emergency Services including Search and Rescue for New Jersey.

New Jersey Wing CAP:

  • Has over four hundred trained volunteer responders for New Jersey's emergencies.
  • Maintains an Emergency Services Academy to train members and other agencies.
  • Works closely with other Search and Rescue Agencies in New Jersey.
  • Works closely with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management and the State Police.


New Jersey Wing Civil Air Patrol is tasked with aeronautical search and rescue for the State of New Jersey. The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center alerts Civil Air Patrol for all lost aircraft searches, and many missing person searches in New Jersey.

Search resources consist of five CAP-owned aircraft and approximately ten member-owned aircraft available for search, along with crews consisting of a pilot, observer and scanner. New Jersey Wing also fields highly trained Ground Search and Rescue teams consisting of both cadets and senior members. The search effort is managed by one of eleven "Search Mission Coordinators" and their staff from one of the mission bases that have been set up at five New Jersey airports. It is supported by a network of CAP radio repeaters and search vehicles deployed over the State.


Civil Air Patrol (CAP) conducts a variety of operational missions primarily in the areas of Emergency Services (Search And Rescue (SAR), 

Disaster Relief (DR)), Counterdrug (CD), and 

Homeland Security (HLS).  Most of this is done in CAP's role as the United States Air Force Auxiliary as Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) under Title 10, but CAP also provides assistance to State and Local authorities in many cases before there is a defined Federal interest under Title 36 as well.  In order to conduct these missions, there are many programs and personnel that provide Operations Support.  This website provides a consolidated area for guidance and tools that our support personnel need, to do their jobs.  The menu to the left lists the many tools and requirements in this area.

Assistance to Civil Authority, including airborne imagery and communications support for counterdrug, homeland security, and disaster operations; and Support to Military Commanders, including low-level surveys and range support as coordinated by the National Operations Center.  


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