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Cadet Fun Day Activities is all about the cadets. The 87th ABW Public Affairs group at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is arranging a series of exciting demonstrations, tours and other activities that will provide an authentic look at military culture.

Below is a partial list of activities. Advanced registration is not required. However, attendance will be based on capacity and on a first-come basis.


Cadet Fun Day Activities              

Experience flight simulation in a virtual cockpit

Experience the most realistic flight simulation and thrill of being in a virtual cockpit. Wearing VR (virtual reality) headsets, cadets can experience immersive aviation adventures by flying around the world with real-time weather effects and air traffic.  Cadet Major Jessica Hoscheck, Maj Thomas B. McGuire Jr. Composite Squadron, will host flight simulation.    


87 Civil Engineering Squadron EOD

Demonstrate employment of the EOD remote robot used to neutralize unexploded ordinance and suspicious packages

Pudgy’s parking lot


87th Security Forces K9 unit

Demonstrate how security forces use military working dogs to subdue criminal suspects

Pudgy’s parking lot


421st Combat Training Squadron

Display expeditionary vehicles and equipment used in an austere deployed environment.

Pudgy’s parking lot

Additional displays to be announced       



C17 or KC46 tour

Tour an Air Mobility Aircraft and ask questions of its aircrew

McGuire flight line



Visit JB MDLs Radar Approach Control.  Receive a briefing on their mission and observe controllers safely guide aircraft around the McGuire airspace

McGuire RAPCON Facility


C-130T Static Tour
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR-64) will host a static tour of a C-130T Hercules Military Transport


Flying in the US

Have you wondered what it’s like serving as a military
pilot? Do you have questions about a military flying
career?”. Maj Anne “Batman" Bloechle, a CH-53E pilot
in the US Marines and senior member in the McGuire
Composite Squadron, will host a Q&A session. Bring
lots of questions.



A Mission to
Remember, Respect
and Honor

Long before the fictional Capt Pete "Maverick"
Mitchell, US naval aviator, in the movie Top Gun,
there was Maj Tommy McGuire Jr, a real life WW II
Fighter Ace in the U.S. Army Air Forces, Medal of
Honor Recipient and namesake of one of the largest
military bases. He was uniquely one of the finest
fighter pilots, and yet so typical of a New Jersey boy
who drove fast cars as a teenager and played clarinet
in the school band. Join the Army Air Forces Historical
Association for a special performance depicting the life
of Maj McGuire.



Civil Air Patrol

Think you know Civil Air Patrol? Come test your
knowledge. This activity, modeled on the game
show ‘Jeopardy!,’ will be hosted by the Cadet Advisory



Aim High – Learn
about US Air Force

Cadets – Do you want to serve as an officer in the US
Air Force or US Space Force? Learn how your CAP
experience can help you earn a commission and a
degree (at no cost to you) in one of 32 fields of study
at America’s #3 public college – the US Air Force
Academy. Hear how USAFA graduates—and former
CAP cadets—are thriving as pilots, cyber operators,
special operations officers…and how you can join
them in service to the nation.  
Seniors – Learn how you can help set your cadets up
for success to earn an appointment to the US Air
Force Academy. NJ Wing has a long history of
developing cadets who have been appointed to and

graduated from USAFA. Hear what you can do and
how USAFA can help support your cadet events here
in New Jersey!


Other tours possible as they are able to be coordinated.

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