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What does DEI mean for Civil Air Patrol?

DEI stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. Incorporating those three words into the CAP mission emphasizes its importance to the present and future of the organization. Learn how a DEI strategy can increase your unit’s rolls by encouraging everyone in your community to join CAP.             



Aerospace Education

Inspiring AEOs  

Unique K-12 Aerospace Education lessons and resources in the classroom.           


Think Outside the Box   

A challenge to unit commanders, AEOs, and senior members: Throw a paper airplane a distance of 100' (or more). Refer to Lt Col Michael Castania’s email for details regarding rules. Prizes will be awarded for teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Watch YouTube video: Throw a Paper Airplane 100 Feet With NASA.


Developing Competitive Teams for CyberPatriot  & StellarXplorers            

Learn how to start, train and support teams for CyberPatriot and StellarXplorer Competitions.



Chaplain/CDI Corps

Chaplain/CDI Corps        

‘Teaching is Fundamental as it relates to the Five Pillars of Wellness and Resilience.’ Learn how to make Character Development Instruction easy to teach with creative ideas and role playing.




The Future of Communications in NJ Wing           

In this session, we will discuss NJ Wing’s plans to meet the future communications needs. Learn our plans for setting up a Communications NET and communicating on a weekly basis with other NJ Wing units.  Also, we will discuss the new Ready-Op program. Find out how to get involved and communicate on CAP radio frequencies over the Internet. This session will be integrated with IT applications.           



Education & Training

Intro to Customs and Courtesies

This presentation meets the requirements of VOLU - Level 2, Part 1 DRILL. Credit will be given to attendees who demonstrate the required Drill Movements.


VOLU-Ins and Outs for Senior Members 

Learn more about CAP’s Education and Training Program and how Volunteer University can help you with your next promotion.        


The Role of E&T Officers at the Group and Unit Levels     

E&T Officers at the Group and Unit Levels will learn and exchange ideas about the best ways to keep their learners engaged throughout the training session. 


Office Hours for Senior Education & Training       

New to CAP or still struggling with the updated Senior Education and Training process? Stop by and speak with someone who can provide advice and guidance on your personal path.              



Emergency Services

Overview of Mass Care Shelters 

Mass care shelters provide life sustaining services to disaster survivors. In this session, a representative from the NJ Department of Human Services we will present a basic overview of shelter operations that will help Civil Air Patrol members to volunteer in an emergency shelter.




Understanding the Requirements of the Finance Officer in the SUI

Understanding the finance officer’s role in ensuring the squadron has a successful result during a Subordinate Unit Inspection is crucial. In this session unit commanders and others will learn man of the key requirements such as reappointing the finance officer within first 30 days of command.



Inspector General

Subordinate Unit Inspections: Changes & a Q&A about anything SUI

What do you do when you are told you have an SUI coming up? Panic? No, not if you attend this session. The NJ Wing IG staff will host an open session to discuss recent changes in the worksheets so you can better understand what is needed. We will also have a Q&A where we will answer all SUI-related questions.              




FAA Safety Seminar

Join us for an informative FAA Safety Seminar.    


FAA Hughes Tech Center

To be announced            



Public Affairs

To be announced            



Recruiting and Retention

Recruit and Retain Senior Members

Senior members from the “Bud” Jackson Composite Squadron will share their formula for recruiting and retention using “ROCK" (Recruiting, Open-House, Cohort, and Knowledge).              


Recruiting Round Table Lite

Stop by to hear and share about R& R successes. See what new resources and materials are available to support your next Open House.        




Intro to CAPSIS

All Squadron and Group Safety Officers are asked to attend this session which will introduce the new CAPSIS- (CAP Safety Information System). Other areas to be covered include Safety Education, Activity Safety Resources, Safety Officer Technician Level Checklist and CAP Safety Principles.

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