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Basic Students

Registration CLOSED

Cadets, Seniors, and Parents

Final Registration for New Jersey Wing Basic Encampment 2023 (NJWG BE23) will be happening shortly as we begin to send the acceptance emails to the individuals on the waitlist.

The Air Force has not confirmed which facility will house us at the Joint Base, so we do not have a final count of beds available.  If we have a smaller dorm than expected, we will be forced to limit the number of cadets we can accept. If this becomes necessary, we will prioritize cadets on the wait list based primarily on the phase the cadets are currently in; starting with Phase 4 and working back to Phase 1.  There are still cadet officers who progressed through the Mitchell milestone award under COVID waivers, and they have to go back and get their encampment.  Those who do not get a slot on the first pass will remain on the wait list (pending additional openings).

Cadets above the cut line will be provided additional information on making payment and preparing for BE23.  Those below the cut line will be advised of continued wait list status and provided updates on any movement up the list.  Those cadets will also be provided information on getting ready to attend encampment in case they wish to remain on the wait list for an opening.

Since NJWG BE23 is one of the last Type A encampments of the summer, the staff urges members to consider earlier encampments, or look for Type B encampments during the non-summer months.  Every effort will be made to provide an Encampment slot to all cadets who will realistically be eligible for their Mitchell Award before they have a chance to attend a 2024 encampment.  Thank you for your patience while we wait to hear back from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL).

More information will be added to this site as information it comes out. So check back often.

Staff Applications

Cadet Cadre - Applications CLOSED

Cadets in Phases II, III, and IV:

New Jersey Wing is seeking to fill the cadet line positions of Squadron Commander (minimum 2), Flight Commander (minimum 4), Squadron First Sergeant (minimum 2), and Flight Sergeant (minimum 4).  To meet minimum eligibility requirements for these positions, you must have successfully completed at least one CAP basic encampment.

Additionally, BE23 needs cadet support cadre in the following positions:  Encampment Cadet Communications Officer, Encampment Cadet Communications NCO, Encampment Cadet Administration Assistant (multiple), Encampment Cadet Logistics and Services Assistant (multiple), Encampment Cadet IT Assistant, Encampment Cadet Public Affairs Assistant, Encampment Cadet Quality Assurance NCO, and Encampment Cadet Quality Assurance Assistant.

Senior Members - Application Process Extended

Senior Member Officer or NCO's

New Jersey Wing Cadet Programs is seeking to fill the following positions:

  •          Deputy Encampment Commander
  •          Safety Officer
  •          Chief Training Officer
  •          Encampment Training Officers/NCOs (multiple required)
  •          Administration
  •          Finance
  •          Logistics (and Services)
  •          Public Affairs
  •          IT
  •          Van Drivers (multiple required)
  •          Communications


Encampment dates are 12 – 19 August 2023 (Saturday to Saturday)


DEADLINE:  Extension for Senior Officers ONLY.


Application Procedures:  Submit a PDF package via e-mail containing a cover letter stating your intent to apply and serve in the position(s) desired; with a CAP resume; and your printed Member Report from e-Services.  Send to encampment@njwg.cap.govIn Addition, fill in the register form using the following link:

Staff Registration Form - CLICK HERE


Resumes will be screened, references checked (at a minimum with your unit commander), and interviews for Cadet Cadre will be conducted on Saturday, 13 May 2023.  Interviews are preferred in person, at Wing HQ; however accommodations for Zoom (or other virtual meeting platforms) can be made with advance notice.


For more information on selection processes and position descriptions, please refer to CAPP 60-70, CAP Encampment Guide, Part 4 Staff Organization, with special emphasis on paragraph 4.2, 4.3, and figure 4.1.

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