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COVID-19 Mission Statistics (15 Mar - 31 Jul 2020)

In summary:

High Level Overview:

•5 active Air Force Assigned Missions (AFAMs)

•1 Corporate Mission

•138 days of sustained response


370 individual members participated (nearly 25% of the wing’s total membership!), including 90 Cadets

2,593 man days of support provided ($597,842 value, and nearly 10% of the national response as of 31 July!)

1,741,984 meals packed or distributed (+ 12,000 lbs. bulk food), 29% of the national total as of 31 July

5,600 COVID-19 tests facilitated

2 aerial sorties, 194 airborne images

2,296 disposable protective gowns assembled for first responders

10,000+ (and still going) reusable cloth masks made by members from home (one-of-a-kind mission)

2 Field Medical Stations demobilized supporting NJ OEM and NJ Air National Guard (1,000 beds total)


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